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Mindfulness meditation for managing anxiety (free download)

This week I’m going to be exploring one of the most valuable psychological skills you can develop: how to take a step back from unpleasant thoughts and feelings, rather than getting caught up in them. This is a skill that all good forms of psychotherapy will teach you, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to […]

Mindfulness meditation – free download

Mindfulness is a form of meditation where you bring your awareness into the present moment, without getting lost in your own thoughts, feelings and judgements. It has its roots in Buddhism, but over the last few decades it’s been increasingly recognised in western psychotherapy as a very helpful technique for dealing with problems like anxiety, […]

Break bad habits with hypnosis (free download)

This week, I’d like to share a powerful hypnosis technique to help break bad habits like smoking, overeating, and nail-biting. As usual, beneath the video is a free hypnosis download to teach you how to use this technique immediately. Here’s the free hypnosis MP3. Just click on the play button, sit back, and relax… Break […]

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