Mindfulness meditation for managing anxiety (free download)

This week I’m going to be exploring one of the most valuable psychological skills you can develop: how to take a step back from unpleasant thoughts and feelings, rather than getting caught up in them.

This is a skill that all good forms of psychotherapy will teach you, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to learn. After all, when you’re trembling with rage, or overwhelmed with anxious thoughts, it’s usually a real struggle to start thinking more calmly.

But there are ways you can learn to manage your emotions better, especially if you practise in advance, rather than waiting until the fear, anger or gloomy pessimism creeps up on you.

The technique you’ll be learning in this week’s video is one that I’ve used with great success in my own life, and I also use it to help many of my hypnotherapy clients.

It may seem simple, but if you put it into practice regularly, it can be life-changing.

Here’s the free meditation mp3:

You can also download this mp3 here. After clicking on the link, just select the blue “download” button in the top right corner of the screen.

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